Hollowpoint Firearms Sales & Training. Salisbury, NC
AR-15 Basic Class $100.00. Outdoor Class shooting steel and paper. 4-5 hours    NEXT Class TBD 9am-2pm

Covers the following:
  1. Safety
  2. Sling, Optics, Accessories, Gear
  3. Load/Unload
  4. TAC & Admin Reloading
  5. Grip, Stance, Sight alignment, Trigger control, Shooting Positions
  6. Drills - reload, run dry, 1st shot time etc
  7. Move & shoot - based on skill level
  8. Timed Drills
  9. Cleaning

You will need: Rifle, ammo (250 rounds +), Safety Glasses, Ear Protection (I have some for purchase if needed)
Sling & Mag holders preferred but can do class without. (I have options for purchase - contact prior). Set red dot zero to 50 yards prior if possible. $25 deposit required
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