Hollowpoint Firearms Sales & Training. Salisbury, NC
Chris Jennings - growing up (South Charlotte) I was taught to fight toe-to-toe with fists/feet. That all changed in my early 20's when I had a gun pulled on me during a fight. I kept up Martial Arts Training but soon it happened again, this time a 357 to the face...no trigger pulled but I knew it was time to switch to guns. I purchased a pistol and took some lessons from an off duty police officer. No Concealed Carry Law in NC at the time so I just carried in my car, but I would soon learn a valuable lesson. I was confused for someone else at a bar in Charlotte and shot at, my pistol was in my car 25ft away. I got away with only a hole in my jeans but it changed my life forever. After the shooting I realized the pistol did me no good in the car, it needed to be on my body somewhere. Even thou illegal back then, I began to carry concealed (1993). 

I found the need to pull my pistol on 2 occasions since then but have not pulled the trigger, once pistol was presented the threat was stopped. These real world situations caused me to seek further training and increase my skill level. 

I, like most of us,  struggled with carry methods, holsters of different size, caliber, weapon size, ease of access etc. Once I overcame these issues I began to help others, which led to what I do today. I enjoy helping others overcome these issues.

2007 I met a friend who introduced me to competitive shooting, my skills greatly improved again thanks to many people in the competitions willingness to help me learn. You think you shoot well until you get your heart rate up and move/shoot. I began to help others learn to shoot better: grip, stance, breathing, sight picture etc. This is what led to me taking the NRA Instructors Course and then the NC Concealed Carry Instructor Class.

These same competitions led to training more with AR15 rifles. My first experience with these was in 1987 @ Parris Island, S.C. Marine Corps Boot Camp with ROTC. I again went thru struggles of carry methods, sights, red dots, accessories etc. I like to help others save time and money on choosing the right accessories the first time. Move and shoot competitions with these rifles have greatly improved my skill level.
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